December 14, 2010

9% growth rate & scam rate 200%, Is this growth???

The fastest growing world economy & largest democratic country India, ready to achieve another land mark in world, do you know what is the that? This is our scam rate which reached to 200%. Just see, every where you will find out only scams & nothing else. I think, that day is not far when people will started to address us a nation of scams.
According Indian govt this year growth rate is 9% while the inflation rate is 10.3% & scam rate is 200% means single digit growth rate, double digit inflation & tribal digit scam rate than where is growth? Do you think this is growth? where millions of rupees get wasted behind scams than millions of rupees in investigation & now it's about to one month govt & opposition fighting with each other for JPC(Joint Parliamentary comity) to investigate the scam & millions of rupees again wasted due to no work in parliament. Now come to the details of scams, who much money wasted in scams:=
  • UP food scam 2 lakh CR
  • 2G spectrum scam 176000000 crore
  • CWG scam 80000 crore
  • Adharsh scam 10000 crore
  • Lavasha Scam
  • TN land scam
  • Chara Scam 400 cr
  • Stump paper scam
Just count the money than say how much money gone behind scams? Do you think still we are growing, I don't think so this growth is only a theory while practically growth is far away from common man & as far as I concern growth is the poor men dream which never going to fulfill. This growth is only rich & corrupted people not for the common men while the matter of fact, growth means the development in leaving standered in everybody life while in India their is huge gape between in upper class & lower class so how growth is possible in India.

At last I would like to say that if we really want growth than at first we have to elect honest leaders for nation than only we can grow other wise that day is not far when our corrupted leaders will sell our nation behind the greed money. So It's request of mine to every Indian please wake up other wise, You know the result.


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