December 02, 2010

Julian Assange, A protector or Predator?

WikiLeaks the International non-profit media organization created a sensation trough his submission around the world. The fonder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange became the super hero of the world who is fighting lonely against then evil & the world is ready to put him down, just see the Interpol issued a red corner notice for sexual abuse, I think this is the conspiracy against him because most of the nation including US , UK & Australia opposing WikiLeaks work & forcing him not to publish the secret documents publicly but in spite of this pressure, he didn't left his ambition & still his war is won the against the super powers.

According to Technorati News"Most dramatic was Rep. Pete King's call for the U.S. Attorney General to designate WikiLeaks a “foreign terrorist organization.” While this is certainly attention-getting, does it really make sense?"
On the other hand Australian Web activist has been doing interviews this week talking up the 250,000 State Department documents his organization released, and in the process, he's made himself a bigger part of the story.
Many people around the world asking this question that Julian Assange is a protector or Predator? I know it's difficult to answer but as far as I concern he is doing the work of super hero who works to save the humanity & nail the demon but the way he is doing his work creating some suspicion that what is his real motto behind it? Money & publicity or to serve the humanity. God knows better, hope for the best.


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