December 26, 2010

What Is The Secret Of Price Rise?

Do you know , What Is The Secret Of Price Rise? I think every one want to know the secret of rocket high inflation so I am going to tell you the top secret, hold your heart! Who is the real culprit behind this price rise? The culprits are none other than our corrupted political leaders, who at fast looted our nation on the name of scams and when they caught red handed, do you know what they did to save themselves. They increased the price of food products, Fuel price etc. to fill up the gaps. 
Just check out how much get wasted behind scams:-
  • UP food scam 2 lakh CR
  • 2G spectrum scam 176000000 corer
  • CWG scam 80000 corer
  • Adharsh scam 10000 corer
If you will count than amount will be approx 180 lakh corer, Just think from where our govt will get 180 lakh corer to adjust the loose, that's why govt found a easiest to adjust the loose and result is in front of us, a double digit inflation rate compare to single digit growth rate. Do you think a country will develop where growth rate is in single digit, inflation rate in double digit & scam rate tribal digit, No never.
At last I would like to say that inflation is the blessing of scams, corruption & dirty politics. As far as I concern the scam money 180 lakh corer is real secret behind price rise.Do you know when we will find solution to inflation? When our politicians became honest and that is impossible so no solution to Inflation.


  1. Just today the old ghost of 'Bofors'has tumbled down and wait for more secrets.

  2. No doubt about that UPA is a govt scams and corruption