December 01, 2010

No right is greater than nation

Our democracy given us the freedom of speech or the right of speech but now people started misuse of this right, just see the statement of famous Novelist Arundhati Roy what she told

"Kashmir was not an integral part of India, and said the country should set a tough example by punishing those “who instigate communal passions in the name of Kashmir.”

Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani who famous for his anti-India remark & counts as an separatist.
Many people defended them saying that " everybody has the right to speech", no doubt it's are constitutional right & we should enjoy it but it's old saying that "their is a limit of every thing'. So our limits ends when our nation comes, being an Indian When you are talking about your own nation than speech must be in limit & when you having celebrity status, than think thousand time before saying anything because nobody follows the common man while a public figure like Politician, sports person, Actor or Author is always ideal for citizen.
So when a celebrity will give wrong statement than it will put millions of life in danger, this is all about the side effect wrong speech.
Now come to the nation when you are talking against of nation than this is biggest misuse of our right & deserve to be punished. None of the right is greater than nation & one who speaks against nation, she or he is a betrayer & nothing else.
At last I would like to say that Kasmir is an integral part of India or the head of mother India so none can separate Kasmir from India.


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