December 19, 2010

"Google Body Browser" Will Help You To Explore The Internals Of The Human Body

Google became the most important part of Human life, doesn't matter it's personal or official. Whatever we want to know or find we are searching in Google, seems to be life without Google impossible. Especially the Google Earth & Google Map features introduced by Google playing a huge role in our life, from a long time it's helping us to reach our destination like true leader. But this time Google trying to do in a micro label, which must be amazing for you.

According to Economics Time" Google on Thursday launched tool to provide users with a layered, 3D view of the human anatomy. Called Body Browser, the new feature uses zoom and pan controls, much like those in Google Earth and Google Maps, to explore the internals of the human body.
For the Mars map, Google collaborated with NASA to get high-resolution imagery.

At last I would like to say that East or West Google is the Best because what Google can do & give you none other can.


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