December 01, 2010

Arundhati Roy:- A patriot or Betrayer?

Arundhati Roy the Booker prize winner Novelist & now the headline of Indian news channels & news papers for her anti India remark & finally an FIR filed against her charge sedition.
Now question arise she is a patriot or betrayer? Let;s check out at first she given her remark on Moist & addressed them " Gandhians with Gun" & after so mush controversy she moved to Arunachal Pradesh & Now she is giving statement on 'Kasmir Issue" which is one of the most sensitive issue of India. At first when he supported Maoist than favored her opinion thought she is doing the right thing but when she moved to other sensitive issue like Arunachal Pradesh & Kasmir Issue & given anti India remarks, I come to know that she is not fighting for justice or supporting any community but after giving such remarks she became a world figure & got the headline of media.
On the other hand Some people defended her saying that " we have right to speech", yaa we do have but their is limit of every thing. When you are talking about your own nation than speech must be in limit & when you having celebrity status, you must think 100 times before giving any statement because it can put millions of life in danger.
As far as concern, these remarks only a part of publicity as you have already seen how the film stars always following the same trick for publicity & later confessing the fault.
Do you know what is" publicty Ka Funda"? Just connect yourself with any controversy & you will be famous, this is the shortest way to became famous.
Please don't try this.


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