December 25, 2010

Is This The Last Govt of UPA in Center?

Is This The Last Govt of UPA in Center? What you think? As far as I concern this is the last govt of Cong, it's almost impossible that UPA will come to power again.Now question arise why? This because, every leader of UPA is a part of corruption & scam doesn't mater he is PM, CM, MP or MLA. The leaders like Rahul Gandhi, PM Manmohan Sigh, Telecom Minister Raja, Sarad Power, HM Chitambram, Sashi Tharoor, Sajan  Kumar , Aarjun Singh, Lalu Yadev, who shamed Congress in front of the people. On the other hand you see the growth in Scam rate, Corruption rate, Crime rate, Inflation rate, Poverty rate. Is this the work of a honest Govt.The team Manmohan is failed in every sector.

I would like to rewind you that PM Manmohan Singh promised to solve five most impotent problems of India while addressing to Media on the eve of UPA govt's 1st year. The problems are 1-Maoist ,2-Inflation, 3-corruption,4- political management, 5- Indo-Pak ties/terrorism. Last year I have written about this in my article "

"PM Manmohan Singh's Five promise to the nation true or false?"

You see none of the problem solved yet, apart from solving it's becoming a puzzle, the example inflation and corruption is in front of us. 
Now come to the scams, UP Food scam, 2G scam, CWG scam, Adarsh Scam, Lavasha Scam, IPL scam. Do you know how much wasted behind these scams
  • UP food scam 2 lakh CR
  • 2G spectrum scam 176000000 corer
  • CWG scam 80000 corer
  • Adharsh scam 10000 corer
If our govt has used this money for solving the nation problems than no doubt India will be problem free & developed nation soon. 
At last I would like to show you the blender done by UPA that is the statement of Rahul Gandhi statement, according to US diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks, that radicalized Hindu groups posed a threat to India.
A country where 80% population belongs to Hindu community their giving such statement is the biggest foolishness. Do you think with such poor reputation UPA will come into power again. No not again,  "This is the end of UPA". I am sure if you are Indian than never vote again such terrorists politicians.  


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