December 06, 2010

Inflation is essential for Development?

Inflation is the biggest problem of our nation but our govt never thought to solve it, the rocket high inflation became a demon killing people mercilessly. It’s about to 75 year of our Independence & our leaders are failed to solve it.
Is Inflation is essential for Development ? You know why I am asking such silly question , this is because of our govt policy for development .You see, since our independence our govt's promise before election "mahangai dur kareange" means we will control inflation but in spit of reducing its increasing as the day progressing.
Today’s inflation rate is 19.5%.the price hike in daily food product like rice, wheat, pulses & vegetables etc, hike in fuel price & hike in fare with hike in salary of doctors, engineers & govt employs. Is this fair to do? Than reducing the price of computers, cars & luxurious item, which rich can only afford?
You just take an example "A daily wager who is earning Rs-100 per day .its difficult for him to arrange three time meal because of the daily use food product price hike. Govt ever thought about them how they will survive in this situation. They are only thinking according to the upper class people; in their life basic need is never be a matter for them.
Please, think about the poor people who cannot afford their basic need how can he leave.At last I would like to ask this question to our govt "is this the policy to solve population growth & poverty? What you want do "Na garib rahega , na garibi rahegi , ager garib nahe rahega to desh ka 60% abadi khud-wa-khud khatm ho jayegi" that means kill the poor people to solve population growth & poverty. In this way India will become a problem free development nation, Great thought!

Is this your motto behind price hike? Please for God shake spare us & our nation. We people don't want such development, where poor needs to sacrifice their life for the development of the nation.
Leave us as we are, we don't want progress, we want to leave our life.


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