December 19, 2010

A Terrorist is not a Hindu or Muslim, Our Politicians Are The Real Terrorist?

Terrorism the biggest problem of world & a threat to humanity . I think every individual should know the colour of terrorism, let's find out what is the colour of terrorism & how can we fight with them.
To give you the correct answer, I would like to sear a short story during India's freedom, once a saint came to Mahatma Gandhi & shown his eagerness to join freedom fight than Gandhi Jee told him if you really want to serve your nation than remove this "Garuwa Bastra( Safroon clothes) & wear "Khadi" & he did exactly & served nation wearing Khadi. Khadi means service to nation & it's people but know a days politicians are wearing "Khadi" to earn money & to cheat nation & citizens.
As far as I concern the terrorist are not Hindu or Muslim the real terrorist are our political leaders & their colour is white beware of them.
You see the Wkileaks cable exposed the cruelty of our political leaders as well as their dirty game with citizens. Not only US leaders are corrupted but every leaders are corrupted. Now come to India, you see 99% leaders are involved in scams, corruption & crime. They are looting the public money means indirectly they are sucking the blood of common man. A terrorist kills some people once but a corrupted leader always doing mass killing.
I think you have seen the video released by Wikileaks, how US shoulder killing civilians in Pakistan for fun. Civilians are facing torture in Kasmir by Indian Govt. On the other hand, You see the terrorist like Ajmal Kasab & Afzal Guru getting the V.I.P treatment, our govt is spending millions of rupees behind their security, do you know behind Kasab our Govt spending 31 CR monthly. Is is justified in such a country where 10% people getting only one time meal while 60% struggling to fulfill their basic needs. Above all action clarifies that terrorism, Moist, corruption & crime are the blessing of dirty politics.
Now compare a terrorist & a political leader, what you found who is more deadly, terrorist or politicians?
At last I would like to say that a terrorist is not a Muslim, Hindu or Christian but the real terrorist are our politician, so beware of them & unite to punish them. Don't cast your precious votes to the corrupted leaders, elect the right candidate. This is the only solution to fight with these white dressed terrorist.


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