December 30, 2010

V.V.S.Laxman The Greatest Crickter Of The Era

 The God Of Indian Cricket
I think you must heard about Alexander the great, Akabar the great and Ashok the great. They are became history but a person who believes in making history also holds the same reputation and he is none other than Indian cricketer V.V.S.Laxman the great.   He also known as very very special Laxman. As far as concern he is the God of Indian cricket because as God always helps people in need that's like Laxman helps Indian team, he is the only player who loves to play in difficult situation and gives his best in unfavorable condition. You see the world class innings of Laxman at Durbun, how fearlessly he played like brave knight and given India a historic victory. 
When the God of cricket left India in miserable condition, the wall of India collapsed, the Nawab of Nazafgadh surrendered his weapon and the Caption cool lost his cool that time the God of Indian cricket Laxman the great singlehandly fought the battle against South African Team and given a memorable and almost impossible victory , this is not the first time when Laxman  performed like a God in difficult  situation,  if  you will look back, Laxman played in a similar fashion in every series  because Laxman is born to do impossible thing possible and to create history after history. That's why I nicknamed Laxman as "the God of Indian cricket", "Laxman The great" and "The man in need". 
At last I would like to say that Laxman is one of the greatest cricketer, I have ever seen my life. The passion, devotion and dedication he posses, I never found in any cricketer.I think every cricketer should learn these art  from Laxman. That's why he is the God of Indian cricket & Laxman of world cricket.   
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