December 01, 2010

Right to same sex, the right to destruction

After a year since the Delhi high court decision decriminalizing homosexuality under Section 377 came out. And the change is visible.
The 2,000-strong crowd of LGBT (lesbian gay bisexual transgender) community that had gathered to walk from Barakhamba Road to Jantar Mantar to attend the queer parade. Nobody hide their identity behind mask but they came to celebrate their uniqueness. This parade though has reclaimed the word to empower, celebrate and unite who are marginalized because of their gender identity.
I know it's great news for LGBT community on the other hand it's sign of destruction. According to Holy Quran
"A day will be come when male will marry a male & woman to woman, this will be the sign of Akhirat(The last day of the world)".
God knows what hidden in future but the matter of fact right to same sex the right to destruction or direct challenge to God. This act is totally against of human nature & playing with nature the invitation to destruction.
At last I would like to say that Right to same sex, the right to destruction or the sign of last day.


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