December 07, 2010

Reality shows are Human Zoos?

After watching the reality shows like Big Boss, their is question always comes in my mind that Reality shows are Human Zoos? As far as I concern reality shows are human zoos & I think every one will be agree with my view.
You see according to the reality shows rule different type people belongs to different profession & nature kept in a house. All the participants have to leave in that house for 90 days to win the contest & they have to follow the order of Big Boss & one who not following the rule he is getting punishment. They have no free during in the show.
Similarly in Zoos different type of animals are leaving in different cage, they have to follow the rules of zoo & animals not allowed to go out of zoo. Animals are also facing punishment when they are breaking the rules. Animals also have no freedom in zoos.
Most impotent thing to realize the similarity between reality shows participants & animals in zoo, do you know, what is that? It's their nature & behavior as animals don't know the meaning of culture & manners, participants also don't know about them, I think you got my point.
The way animals are behaving & fighting with each other reality shows participants are also fighting & behaving in the shows. How animals shows vulgarity, participants also showing in shows. I think you all have seen the behavior of Dooly Bindra, Veena Malik, Rakhi Samant in reality shows.
At last I would like to say that Reality shows are Human Zoos & those who are watching it, they are fools, including me.


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