December 11, 2010

Julain Assange:-The Messenger of truth

The messenger of truth do about whom I am talking about, he is none other than the Co-founder of Wikileaks, Julain Assange. You know when ever person fought for justice & truth, he has to face so obstacles in his life so as well Assange is facing now as I heard a saying that "every great person has to go to prison once " & that's what happening to Assange.
When ever a person raised his voice for truth, the world always tuned against him you see the life of Jesus, Mohammad & Gandhi. They are the great example in front of us so don't worry Assange, you will be the winner at last because Truth is God & you are with God & God will help you to complete your mission.
Have faith on God, you know when you are going for big mission than problem is bound to come. You see how the the world people love you...

According to TOI conducted Pool, Most readers accuse the US of victimizing Assange. Now see the comments favoring Assange:-

Kiran from Pune wites: "Dadagiri of USA." Veena from Visakhapatnam says: "What more can be expected from the BIG BROTHER of the world? Crush and destroy the people who expose its dark underbelly."
Rishi from Delhi puts it rather sarcastically: "Suspicion of rape? Of course, man ... he raped the big governments."
Some readers say that the governments being exposed by Assange are running scared because there are so many skeletons in their cupboards. Some others say the CIA is upset with Assange because he has shown that its security is not foolproof.
Readers have congratulated Assange for his "brilliant work" and hope that the release of documents by WikiLeaks does not stop with his arrest. Calling Assange a "crusader of truth", Ravi from Bangalore writes: "Jullian has been framed on flimsy grounds... the abnormal witch hunting taken up by Washington and its sycophant countries reveals their questionable intentions." Samidha Singh from Jalandhar writes: "Hats off to u julian for the brilliant work you have done. keep it up ... luv u julian."
Sahani, a reader from the US writes: "Now the world will be a better place if our leaders start telling what (is) in their mind and based on facts what should be done." UK Iyer from Chenai says if anyone ever deserved the Nobel peace prize, it is Assange.
Shrinivas, another reader from Bangalore, draws attention to the role of the internet in creating a more transparent world: "Let the leaders of the world realize that, in this internet/connected world, they better be transparent, else the facts will come and spread easily." Upendra Mishra from Hyderabad writes: "You can arrest one person, but how can anyone arrest the truth?"
Many readers, like Tom from the US, have called the arrest a "shame to the free world". "Charges in August after leaking documents in July is obviously fabricated," writes Tom.

On the other hand 4000 hackers started Cyber war defending the super hero Assange & taken down the websites of Visa, Mastercard, the Swiss Post Office bank and Swedish government's official website. They also targeted the websites of US conservative standard bearer Sarah Palin and US Senator Joe Lieberman.They told this Cyber attack is part of "Mission avenge Assange".

At last I would like to say that truth is like light & evil is like darkness . In fact a tiny light can able to finish the darkness, doesn't matter, how dense the darkness is! So don't worry Assange, you will be the winner at last because You are the messenger of truth & Truth is God.


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