December 17, 2010

Who deserve Times Choice Person of the year, Mark Zuckerberg or Julain Assange?

As rumor on the air that Times choice person of the year will be awarded to Wikileaks Founder Julain Assange but Finally Times Choice Person of the year is announced, the winner is none other than the Founder of famous social networking site Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Recently realized Hollywood movie "Networking Sites" speaks the story of Mark that how he started his journey at the age of 19 year from Harvard University & than wrote the history of Facebook. Do you know Today Facebook has 550 million smiling users & it's growing as THE TRUTH......the day progressing, every 12th man of this planet holds the facebook account, Facebook also named as "the best place to work". I think this is the first time when Facebook came in to light for any good reason other wise Facebook always with some controversy. Well done
As far as I concern Facebook is great Networking site but some of it's terms & condition are worthless or you can say to harass the user. So many restriction to the users than what is the use of such networking site where user is not free & don't trust the site. I think Facebook must need to workout in this field because if you not please your user than dark future is ahead & that day is not far when people will say no to Facebook, you don't know when & how life will surprise you. what ever draw back Facebook has but you can't dare to avoid it because east the west Facebook is the best.

At last I would like to say that if some one will ask me, who really deserves the Times choice person of the year , Mark Zuckerberg or Julain Assange? Than I will answer, he is only the super hero Julain Assange because what he has done for this world none can ever dare to do this. He is the messenger of truth & the blessing for humanity. What you think, must leave your valuable comment....


  1. Both have done what none has done before...honor both

  2. Yaa you are right that both has done extraordinary work but just see the motto behind their work, Mark done for his own profit while Assange done it selflessly for the humanity.