December 03, 2010

Indian Police protector or predator?

Indian Police protector or predator? Now a days,The protector turned into predator ,You see no of time question raised on Indian police honesty due to their evil act. When a keeper of law plays with laws its really shameful act as well as a threat to the humanity & society.
I think you know about the fake encounter of Sahrabudin on 26th Nov 2005, by the Gujarat cops with the help of Andhra Pradesh police calming that he was planning to kill Chief Minister Modi & on 29th Nov 2005, his wife(Kasuserbi) killed & body destroyed. To innocent people killed by the law keepers five year ago & govt is unable to take action against the culprits still investigation is on from CBI. This is really shameful. This is not only case where police shown their evil act but you see the fake encounter of an MBA student by Jaipur police, fake encounter of three students by Bihar police & the molestation case of Haryana IG SPS Rathore. These are the shameful act of Indian police & that's why police are nicknamed as "Wardiwala Gunda" means "a criminal in police dress".As I have seen the evil act of Indian police in my life, what happened a thief caught red-handed by police during a snatching with me. Both of us taken to the nearest police station, when police come to know the snatcher is son of retired police inspector, in spite of charging him they started to beat me & forced to pay rs 2000/- as a penalty & threaten me to charge in murder case in case of not paying penalty. I paid the money & came out safely from the bloody hands of law keepers. From that moment I hate police & don't want to see their bloody face.
At last I would like to say the evil act of Indian police responsible for crime, Maoist & terrorism in India because when person loses his trust on law & order as well as justice then he takes law in his hand & become a criminal, Maoist & terrorist to take his revenge & find justice.So till Indian police won't correct themselves crime can't reduce from India.


  1. i think indian police is all power starved and dont leave a chance to beat people. I am 20 yrs student and was afraid of going out due to street dogs and now its cops. they are all corrupt, dont ever give a hint that ur carrying money with urself else they would kick ur ass and get money from you.
    once i was going on highway with my 5 friends and we stopped at a lonely spot and were eating biryani and i was feeling thirsty and no water was left. i saw some people standing a little ahead and went to get some water. to my surprize it was patrolling police and asked them water and they asked me who i was and asked me to show some i.d. i showed them my licence they asked me to show college i.d. i showed them my college bus boarding pass as i had no college i.d. and in the process they saw my wallet was full of money and said that there is some mistake in my i.d. and it is not college i.d. i tried to explain him but he got angry that i was not showing genuine i.d. and started surrounding me and man handling me, i was bleeding in my face and they threatened me to throw me in jail. at last my friends found something fishy and they came running to me, the police guys got frightened seeing them and started telling that they were thinking i was drunk and started telling that it is their job and blah blah... and we quickly took off from that place without giving anything to them

  2. Indeed Indian police a predator not protector.