December 22, 2010

Conspiracy Is On Against Julain Assange.

Now a days Wikileaks & Julain Assange are the center of attraction of the world but this popularity giving sleepless nights to the culprits so they are trying their best to push Assange on back foot for example you see Apple yesterday banned an iPhone app from the App Store that help users to read the secret U.S. diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks and follow the controversial organization's Twitter feed.
As far as I concern this step of Apple is a part of political pressure as US companies including Amazon, Bank Of America, Master Card & Pay Pal freezed the Wikileaks account under US pressure.Tuesday morning, Barinov said that his app had been downloaded 4,434 times, and he would contribute $4,434 to WikiLeaks from his profit of $5,825.In revert you see the reactions of Wkileaks supporters:-
  • "It's really sad to see Apple supporting censorship like this. Like many others from his generation, Steve Jobs has completely sold out".
  • "I must agree with most of the other posters here. This action by apple amounts to censorship. As a former apple customer I won't be buying their products anymore. I know this won't hurt apple, but it will make me feel better to know that my money won't be supporting censorship. This is a truly Anti-American move on apple's part."
  • "The only crime being committed is that of the U.S government and their continuing abuse of power to try and stop the truth from being revealed. It is sad and pathetic that Apple has now bowed to pressure. They would rather sell you an app that shows sexual positions then one that reveals the truth about a corrupt governments."
  • "The big question is: Will Anonymous do anything about this? Take down the app store, perhaps? I'm betting that those hypocrits won't do a thing."
  • "Wikileaks did not commit any crime, they simply posted info from a trusted, undisclosed source, just like any newspaper does everyday".
After reading these comments I think must what you think? Must leave your valuable comment.

At last I would like to say that if the world will turn against of Wikileaks or Assange nothing is going to happened because Truth is just like light & having a power to remove darkness, doesn't matter how dense it is. Our history is the greatest example in front of us that when ever a person fought for truth, he faced a lot of problems but at the end truth wins in heroic style. Hope in that mission Assange will be on through Wikileaks till ever culprit will not exposed.
Go on Assange we are with you....................


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