December 24, 2010

The God Of Cricket Sachin Far Away From Godliness???

The world nicknamed Sachin as the God of cricket & many cricket experts said Sachin is better than Don Bradman, some said Sachin is the Bradman of this era while The Australian press has showered loads of compliments on this evergreen living legend by naming him “man of the century“.The Sydney Morning Herald states that :
Do you really think Sachin is the God of cricket? The highest run getter in the ODI & Test cricket in world cricket as well as scored highest ODI & Test hundreds including the first ODI double hundred & many more if I will started to write his records one by on than I have to write a book for this. No doubt these records showing he is the God of cricket but that matter fact the God of cricket Sachin is far away from Godliness. I know this statement is looking foolish in front of Sachin's achievement but you can't wrong the truth. I am saying the bitter truth of cricket. At first Sachin needs to be the God of Indian cricket than world cricket.
From my childhood Sachin is my favorite cricket but never be my best one because never played when nation needed it most. I have seen his cricketing & I never missed his single match, do you know what I observed, he is not a man of need. Whenever Indian teams needs him always failed you see the example every final game including 2003 World cup final & 1996 World cup semi-final. How God of cricket Sachin performed. 
At last I would like to say that Sachin is the greatest cricketer of the era  & having an ability to change the game at any time but lakes toughtness like Saurav Ganguly or Steve Wough. The day when Sachin will start to play for when nation need him not for records that day only he will became the God of cricket other wise not.


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