December 16, 2010

Bail to Julain Assange the victory of truth?

Mission Assange on........

UK govt granted bail to Wikileaks founder Julain Assange, A total of 240,000 pounds ($380,000) was put up as a guarantee by several supporter. Do you think the bail of Julain Assange the victory of truth? I am sure it's victory of truth.
You see the Sweden govt opposed the bail, bank freeze ed Wikileaks account & many country including China & US banned Wikileaks & many Wikileaks supporters hacked the Sweden Govt official site & the Master card & Visa card site favoring Assange & told their Mission will be till he will not free.
Our history justifying that when ever a person fought for truth he faced uncountable obstacles & at the end Truth became the hero. You see the life of Krishan, Rama, Jesus, Mohammad Mmahatam Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, how single handedly, they turned thing around & became a winner.
I am remembering the world of Mahatam Gandhi that " Truth is the only weapon I have" & he given us freedom with the help of that weapon. Similarly Assange will fighting with truth & the supports of people justifying his righteousness.
I am sure mission Assange will be on till the truth will not come out & culprits will not punished.


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