December 03, 2010

Julain Assange is the real super hero?

Julain Assange born on 3 July 1971, Australia, the co founder of Wikileaks now became the center of focus of the world. After hacking the secret documents of US, he became the headline of every news channels & news papers & turned into a super hero.
The way he revealed the blunt and unflattering U.S. views of world leaders' private and public lives, only a super hero can do it.
A super hero Who fights lonely against the devils & protect humanity & having a power to change the world, similarly Julain Assange fighting against the devils, you see all the super powers are against him & finally Interpol has issued a red corner notice against him & made him a wanted as the matter of fact he is doing the work of Interpol.
Even if his nation, Australia is bracing for the publication of about 1,500 WikiLeaks documents. Prime Minister Julia Gillard already condemned the release of the U.S. diplomatic cables, calling it "grossly irresponsible" and "illegal."
At last I would like to say that Julain Assange is the real super hero who is fighting to save humanity from the devils. I am sure nobody can put him down, he is doing a great work & God will defiantly help him to nail the devils.
Well done Julain Assange, the world is with you, keep it up.


  1. People always fear the truth... it is going true in the case of wikileaks too. Now to hide the cable exposures by wikileaks, trying to put assanger in jail... not good thing to do... face the truth... Mr Obama...