December 07, 2010

Julain Assange is a terroist & Wikileaks a terrorist organization?

I invented the most sensational truth in Daily News " Rep. Pete King (R-L.I.) urged U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to designate WikiLeaks a "foreign terrorist organization," saying it "posed a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States," and to prosecute founder Julian Assange for espionage."

If Wikileaks a foreign terrorist organization than Julain Assange is a terrorist, I know it's so difficult to answer but the work of Wikileaks is equivalent to terrorism because all terrorist organization always targeting to hack the defense sites but they failed to do it & similarly Wikileaks targeted the US defense sites & they successfully did it. Fortunately the sensitive data they hacked turned a boon for humanity. The hacker & the co founder of Wiki leaks Julain Assange became hero & the center of attraction of the world. The data he shown in his site exposed some the bloody faces as well as the reality of cold war. The world knows he is doing great work but nobody knows the the real motto behind this big operation. Some of the question creating suspicion about Assange & Wikileaks.
What is the real motto behind this mission? Why Assange trgated the US? Did Assange aware of the fact of date before hacking? If not than why he hacked the sites? Above all question putting question mark on Julain Assange honesty & heroic deeds. If he aware of the fact before hacking, than question arise, how he came to know about the fact? Did any big organization working behind him? & If unknowingly he hacked the site means a terrorist attack & it's a terrorist organization.
I am also a fan of Julain Assange but this article is only to invent the truth not to blame or criticize.
At last I would like to say that Wikileaks & Assange exposed the poor security arrangement of US. I think every nation should need a full proof security arrangement to save the humanity from terrorism. Just think about the danger bell , if Assange can do it than why terrorist can't?
If terrorist organization will work like Assange than what will be our future, do you ever realized?
I think never so please don't blame Assange for hacking, blame yourself that you failed to protect your nation.

Well done Julain Assange we are with you.


  1. There is very fine line between ethinic hacking and hacking for harming huminity. I think this is a classical example of ethinic hacking. What I believe this act of julian, Wikileaks going to set example for all the masses involved in ethinic hacking for well being of humanity. I hope the acts of ethinic hacking shouldn't harm any person, nation or race.