December 08, 2010

The New Super power Julain Assange threatened US after his arrest

The Super hero Julain Assange turned in to a culprit in front of the world after being arrested by Londan Police for rape charge & sexual abuse from Swedon.
As far as I concern it’s a clear sign of conspiracy against him, the world is planning to put him down because he exposed the bloody faces of the world. What Assange is doing is a boon for humanity & threat for evil people.
Now Julain Assange arrested to take the nuclear option after his arrest will he unleash his "thermonuclear device?" You see the words of the new super power, how he challenging the super power like US.

“WikiLeaks' Julian Assange has threatened to release 'key parts' of secret US documents if anything happened to him or WikiLeaks.”

On the other hand Julian Assange's mother Christine is defending her son as fighting a good fight, saying she gave him a strong grounding in ethics.

Their is very fine line between ethnic hacking and hacking for harming humanity. I think this is a classical example of ethnic hacking. What I believe this act of Julian, Wikileaks going to set example for all the masses involved in ethnic hacking for well being of humanity. I hope the acts of ethnic hacking shouldn't harm any person, nation or race.
I am sure he must nail all the bloody & corrupted faces from the world, we are with you Assange
go on.


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