March 29, 2010


“Water is life, every drop of water is precious so save water” I think this slogan is familiar to every human being as well as Indians but we Indians don’t understand the meaning of this slogan yet as I have seen the acts of Delhiites, per day they are wasting plenty of water to clean their homes, cars, vehicles & their roads too, in Delhi it’s a common site of wastage of drinking water, as Govt has given water supply to common men but that’s without any tap, only a pipe is connected with the main pipe line people are taking water & rest of time its nothing more than flowing stream for the children to play in it & in this way every day plenty of precious drinking water wasted by Delhiites, this is the condition of our capital than what to talk about the other states & their villages, it’s a serious mater to think, if we will not take precaution to save water than day is not far when India will turn in to a desert & people are dying like animals. You see as per recent World Bank report the water level in India has been going down consistently, in 1997 water level of India was around about 550 cubic km. out of this surface water was around 310 cubic km & ground water is about 240 cubic km, the level has dropped down to 480 cubic km in 2010, while in Delhi water table dipping 2 meter every year, according to TOI, the water level dipping in alarming speed & putting a question mark in our survival by the year 2050. Just see the water bodies are drying up & temp is rising as the day progresses; just see, Delhi recorded the maximum temp of 39 degree Celsius in march2010, what will be in May & June? It can’t be predicted or may be 50 degree Celsius means we people are creating t the unsustainable condition due to our carelessness & greed for example Chennai was running under water crises for decades & due to over exploitation of ground water as the result of that ground water plummeted to the crises level & unfit for human consumption, so AIADMK Govt made rain water harvesting compulsory in Chennai to fight with the water crises. I think every state should draw lesson from it & take initiatives like Chennai people to conserve the water for their bright future.
At last I would like to say that central Govt should take immediate action to conserve the ground water as well as state govt. to start public awareness program to teach them the drawbacks of water dipping & benefits of water conservation. Not only the Govt but also every citizen should take initiatives to save water, because life is not possible without water, water is life & every drop is precious.


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