March 12, 2010


At first Haiti, than Chili & now Turkey & again Chili, ten quack in six hour , earth quack killed lakhs of innocent people mercilessly & now the threat of Tsunami, to see the calamity of natural on by one in every part of the world, a question arises in the depth of the heart that "Are those the shines of Akhirat(the last day)? According to the holy Quran that "Same sex legalization" & when people will be seen "dancing & singing" every where, that will be the shine of Akhirat. According to Lord Krishna "when corrupt people will rule the world that will be the end of the kalyog(the present era)" & According to the Maya civilization " when people will turn in to Bhadiya(animals) & start to kill each other, this will be the shine of the last day", you see the shines are matching as exactly written in the religious books, at first same sex legalization, 2nd corrupted people are in the authority & ruling the world, 3rd human being turned in to animals, you see their behavior is waste than animals, the corruption, crime, violence, murder, terrorism & war, every where human being playing the game of blood & killing each other like animals, humanity almost lost from the world & last see the side of Bollywood, every one want to be singer, dancer or actor & switch on the TV , you will find out people dancing & singing . These shines are in front of us & now see the calamity of nature, its looking like nature lost his balance in turned in to huge demon & killing humanity mercilessly & we people are saying it "Climate change" or "Global warming", we people organized no of summits & meeting to find the solution of "Climate change" but unable to find out the solution & looking helpless in front of the nature & waiting for our destruction.
At last I would like to say that these natural disasters are the shine of Akhirat(the last day), as we people turned in to animals & humanity is lost from the world so till we will not leave our animal nature & not behave like human being, no one can save us from the calamity of nature & the last day of the world so please behave like human being for the shake of the world & its people & leave with peace & love, this is the only solution to "Climate change" & to protect humanity from the calamity of nature.


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