March 14, 2010


“Lahore Blasts: Indian Proxy War against Pakistan”, when I read this article in "Instablogs"written on Lahore bomb blast by one of the citizen of Pakistan, I found to know how much poison, hidden in the hearts of Pakistanis for Indians & how wrongly they misguided by the political leaders & religious preachers, just see the key word of this article “The success of Pakistan, its security forces and intelligence agencies are not being digested by India and they started a plane fresh wave of targeting heart of Pakistan (Lahore)”, he also claimed that “Hindus extremists are creating problems in Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. India is giving the money and weapons to the terrorists in these countries”, can you believe this? Now its a mater to think seriously for Indian govt on the peace project of India & Pakistan because where a citizen keeps such type cheap mentality, what to talk about the political leaders, I think its use less to go for peace with Pakistan to hear such type statement of a Pakistani. When we are talking about terrorism than Pak is talking about “Kashmir Issue” both are going in different direction & now they are blaming India for bomb blast in Lahore, not only the leaders but the common men also just see the protest of citizens against India in Pakistan on the other hand our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s statement that “I will go beyond distance to establishes peace between India & Pakistan” , no doubt about it our govt taken no of initiatives for friendship, but every time result came in negative, so PM asked Dubai govt to mediate between us for peace but again situation gone out of control & Pak is blaming India for Lahore Blast. We are blaming Pakistan for terrorists attacks & Pakistan blaming India, no body want go for solution as the mater of fact “one who blames, criticizes & complains he is a fool”, don't we showing our foolishness to blame each other , rather than finding the solution. We all know this blasts are result of our poor security arrangement & nothing else, in this way both Pak & India want to hide their incapability to fight against “Terrorism”.
A t last I would like to say that terrorist attacks are the result of poor security arrangement & no thing else till we will not strengthen our defense no one can save us from "Terrorism"so please alert your security agencies in spite of blaming each other like a fool, It’s a reality when our security will be alert no body having power to get into our nation what to talk about terrorism.


  1. Everyone is free to speak and write... Still we have to keep our stand