March 06, 2010


Do you know, what is the toughest five letter word? That is nothing but “peace” while easiest three letter word is “war” that’s why people believes in violence rather than peace. You see from the ancient time the world is searching for peace but still far way from us & looking like an unfulfilled dream, I think Indo-Pak peace project is the great example, since 1947 no of political leader including Gandhi & Nehru tried to establish peace in between Indo & Pak but result always came negative & as the day progresses the condition is going to be waste, this is all about politics apart from this common man also taken initiatives like “Aman ki asha” & many programs to bring mutual understanding in between two countries but as usual no result came but open protest against India has been seen all around the Pakistan with dirty sites of burning Indian national flag, I think burning the national flag is the most shameful thing for a nation but Indian govt forgotten everything & again taken initiative fro peace but no response from Pak govt ,when India is talking about “terrorism” than Pakistan is talking about “Kashmir issue” both are going in different direction , I think talking on “Kashmir issue” is useless because its part of India while the discussion should be justified on “Pak occupied Kashmir not on Kashmir” & in any condition India will not compromise on Kashmir because our security is totally dependent on Kashmir, you can say its just like “the great wall of China” so its useless talk on Kashmir issue & while talking about “terrorism”, we have so many proofs about some Pakistani , who are involved in terrorist attacks in India but Pakistan govt is still silent over this issue & culprit are moving freely in Pakistan protesting openly against India in Pakistan. After looking the dishonesty of Pakistan in Indo-Pak peace project, how far it’s justified to ask Dubai to help in peace project? Its really ridicules & the statement of PM Manmohan Singh that “I will go beyond distance to bring peace between Indo-Pak”, I think its equally ridicules & shameful. Now it’s a mater of dignity for India to stop compromising on “peace” & take legal action against Pak because this is too much “bardast ki vi had hoti hai” means there is a limit of every thing.
A t last I would like to say that according to Pak the most easiest & lovable three letter word is “war” & nothing else that’s why Pak is silent & cooperating India, I know why India is compromising because we growing as the day progresses & war can push us many year back but Pakistan is going down words as the day progresses so they want “hum to dubenge sanam tumhe vi sath leke dubenge” means they want to stop our growth through war but they forgotten war is the another name of destruction so wait & watch .


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