March 29, 2010


“Go green to save water” I think govt should start this slogan in spit of “save water to conserve it”, in fact we can‘t fight with water crises to conserve water. As I have read an article on the eve of water day in TOI, its main motto is to bring public awareness to conserve water as the ground water label dipping in alarming speed, in Delhi & NCR, ground water dipping 2m/per year on the other hand given solution to fight with water crises that (1)Rain water harvesting (2) Water conservation, I am totally disagree with TOI because we can’t fight with water crises to conserve it or harvest rain water, in fact conserving & harvesting is good idea but the best one because if we have to go through delay in monsoon, law rain fall & droughts than what we will do? Did you imagine, what will be our condition that time? Depending on rain water to fight with water crises is greatest stupidity & nothing else, this will no where going to help us to fight with water crises & stabilize under ground water. I think the only thing that will help us to fight with water crises that is “save tree & plant tree” to save water program. We people forgotten that trees & plants play the most important role to conserve & renew the under ground water, as TOI claimed that water level dipping due to over exploitation of ground water, while fact is that water level dipping to deforestation & development program, you see the states where forests they are not facing water crises & their ground water also not dipping like our metropolitan cities &towns, question arises why only the towns are facing water crises this due to anti green program for development & nothing else, if I am lying than do proper study on environment or read environmental science books, you will get the answer that how far I am true.
At last I would like to say that govt should ban deforestation & start “Go green program” like “save & plant trees” to fight with water crises & to renew the under ground water not only the govt but every citizen should take initiatives to save & plant tree with this new slogan “Go green to save water”.


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