March 11, 2010


After 14 years of long battle against men community finally women got freedom in India, when reservation bill got green signal in parliament. I think this reservation will bring freedom fro the women society because they are still in slaved; only men community got freedom in 1947 not the women community, that’s why Gandhi jee told that “We will become truly free, hen women community move freely in our society” & no doubt about Bapu’s thought, women are still unsafe in society, they can’t move freely in society because of men community & huge no of sex related crime & other crime against them shows the mirror to society. You see the former prime minister “Indira Gandhi” , how she ruled India , during his ministry none, including Pak & China of the ever dare to show their evil eyes to India while present scenario is totally different , I think she was the only leader who ruled India honestly . You see when the cruel budget of 2010 came in front of us none of the political leaders criticized, only the opposition leader Sushma Swaraj & CPM leader Bidra Karat dared to speak the truth while rest of all remained silent. I think this women reservation will create more honest leaders in Indian politics & reduce the crime against women & built the golden future of India.
A t last I would like to say that the great thing our govt has done that is “women's reservation”& this will bring a problem free & corruption free society & nation, as well as the real freedom to the women society, hope for the best & prepare for the………..


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