March 08, 2010


"Our vi gam hai jamane me, Sports or Bollywood ka siwa", you see the headlines of news papers & news channels, every where you will find out, about sports news of cricket & hockey or the drama of film stars & people having also a great interest in sports rather than the problems like inflation, poverty, unemployment etc. when the crucial budget session is going in parliament & every one is busy behind the Sachin’s double hundred & behind the movie “My name is khan”, including me. India is a country where citizens giving priority to the entertainment not to the nation, for them entertainment is every thing & nothing comes first that’s why I think common people are suffering & political parties are using our weakness for getting votes, I think every one has seen the stars & cricketers election campaigning, to attract the common people they are using celebrities as a weapon & stupid people are going to see them. Do you think a country where, citizens keeping such poor mentality with giving first priority to the entertainment, they can develop? This is the main reason of our backwardness, where young generation wasting their precious time behind the movies & cricket or discussing about them, can they develop in this way? While people from other nation going to invent the Artificial human brain, Anti aging formula, Mission Marsh etc their we Indian are busy behind Shahrukh, Salman, Amir, Katrina, Saif , Kareena or Sachin, Sahwag ,Yubraj or Dhoni , this is our greatness & we our slogan is “ proud to be Indian”, Is it justified to say to see our cheap mentality . I think you all aware about those controversies, 1st sena threaten Pakistan & Australian team, than Shahrukh support to Pak & Australian players, than Shahrukh & Sena conflict at last “my name is khan” realize, every day Shahrukh, Sena & My name is khan is the headline of every news channels & news papers , it was looking like that “My name is khan” is the main agenda of nation to see the security of theaters , this focus of govt & citizens turned to disgrace & results “German bakery” bomb blast no of innocent people lost their life, after this bomb blast all the controversies suddenly halted, & citizens & govt came into sense, but it’s a habit of human being to forgetting things quickly & as usual every one forgotten this bomb blast & now they are busy behind Rahul Mahajan's Swambar, who will be the Mrs Rahul? & behind the Bharat Ratna & Padma Bhusan , who is deserving candidate? As this news is coming on news papers, Is Sachin deserves Bharat Ratna ? Yes or No, every one is busy in voting, India is really great na! I think this unconsciousness of citizens giving chance to the political leaders to play their dirty game of politics & later on we are saying that “politicians are corrupted “while the real culprits, we are.
A t last I would like to say India will truly develop, when citizens come into sense & think about the nation rather than sports & movies. So please, please awake up other wise its too late.


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