March 31, 2010


Lord Krishna said in Bhagwat Gita that “In every age I will come back to deliver the holy & to destroy the sin of sinners to establish righteousness” but why God is delaying to step down on earth? I think this is the right time for this holy work, just see the pathetic condition of society none of the sector is out of corruption either it’s social or religious. From the ancient time religion playing the most important role to reform the society but now days some devil people corrupted the religion through their devils work, some people using it to earn money while some using it for crime as well as money you see the works of religious preachers like Pope Benedict, who is involved in child sexual abuse in church, God men Swami Bhimanand & Swami Nityanand, both are involved in running sex react in their ashram, Maulana Imaran, who is involved in child sexual abuse in Madersa & the terrorist, who are playing the game of blood in the name of religion & naming it “Jihad”, while we are thinking that we can reform the society through religion but these devil people corrupted the religious sector that no body like to go to the religious places as well as the religious preachers due to corruption, now question arises, how can you reform the society & correct the people? As the mater of fact to see the miserable condition of the society no option remains for us, in spit of looking on the sky for the Almighty God, “o” God please help us & save us from the devils, this is not only my prayer but also the voice of every heart.
At last I would like to say that no one can reform the society in spite of God, now it’s a turn for God to step down on earth to destroy the sin of sinners & establish righteousness


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