March 05, 2010


The increase in crime rate is nothing but the lack of sex knowledge and nothing else, you see the sex related crime or other crime are increasing day by day, this is because of our old culture from the ancient time that taking about sex openly is a type of crime in society, I think this is the main reason to encourage it, because it’s a habit of human being from child hood “where our parents advised us, not to go their, but their is an eagerness in our heart to know, what hidden in that place? Why Dad & Mom told me like this? Let’s see & finally we invent the place without in the knowledge of our parents, as a famous proverb “If you find out your children than search him them, where you told them not go” & its practical thing not only me but also every one having a same experience about this “kiyo ki chupi hui chijo me hamari intrest hoiti hai” means to say people always like to find out the hidden things. Did you ever tried to realized why India is develop like US & UK, while we have a treasure of talent in our nation, this is because the old culture, taking sex education in wrong way on the other hand in developed nation, they are giving sex education as a optional subject & I think this is the main reason of their development & the ratio of crime rate is 10 time less than from India.
You see the young generation of India, inside the road, in public place or in school or collage, just see their activity, they have more interest in love affair rater than education while the young age is the most impotent phase of every ones life but we people are destroying our precious time behind the four latter silly word “love” on the other hand just see the increase in sex related crime where a boy rapes a girl for his sexual fulfillment without thinking the dark future behind it, a girl kills his entire family to marry his lover , a boy turns to a murderer, robber , rapist or terrorist to marry her dream girl etc, these cases are very much common in India, just understand the youngsters of a nation keeps such poor mentality, what they will think about their nation & how development is possible in that nation? If through sex education children come to know in their child hood that love is nothing but a sexual attraction which mostly comes in young age than all problems will get solved automatically.
A t last I would like to say that If we want a crime free & developed nation than we have to give sex education to every children from their school days , through this program we will reduce the sex related crime & India become the most developed nation in the world.


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