March 02, 2010


This is the famous proverb that "women are wiser than the men because they know less but understand more." You see the results of matriculation, intermediate or any other exam, you will find out, most of the girls in top ten list & their percentage of passing is far better than the boys. This is all about their intelligence, now come to the corruption & honesty, who is more corrupt? who is more honest? women or men? I think answer will always come women are more honest & men are more corrupted. If I am lying than see the world history, you will find out every were men community is the part of corruption & violence, not to talk about their honesty, the demons like Ravana, Knasha, Durayadhan & Dhushashan, the kings like Aurangzeb & Ashok, the leaders like Mussolini, Hitler & Sudam hussain, the terrorist like Laden & Kasab, the robbers like Birapaan & Pravakaran, police man like S P S Rathore, are the great example of corruption & violence while women like Mother Teresa, Kiran Badi are the example of honesty & social service. A woman never came across as a icon of corruption or dishonesty while man community is always be part of corruption & violence & tortured the women community on the other hand women served the humanity as a mother, sister or daughter that's why woman is compared to goddess, from the ancient time female community tolerating the exploitation of the male community but they never protested against the injustice, due the power of tolerance she is compared to "Dharati mata(Earth)".
Now come to the politics, you see most of the corrupted political leaders belong to the male community not female community. Do you ever seen a women involved in murder, robbery, terrorism or in exploitation, some exceptional cases are negligible while the cases like, Ruchika muder case, Jasica Lal & Arushi murder case great example everywhere a male is culprit not woman.
At last I would like to say that women are more honest & wiser than men so should be a part of active politics & govt should also encourage them. I think this is the only way to finish corruption from the society & politics. No doubt this will bring a corruption free nation.


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