March 18, 2010


“Behavior is the mirror in which every body reflects his own image” and it’s absolutely right that we always judge a person by his behavior. You see Delhi is going to host the commonwealth game in 2010, but our behavior especially in public places like buses, metro and in visiting places is a serious matter for Delhi govt. to think over. We people are behaving like animals in every place. What type of moral this will set in front of the world? What we people want? Govt. needs to teach us lesson for good behavior. I am remembering the saying of Sudarsan jee Maharaj that “correct yourself otherwise everybody will kick you”. So please behave well. As I have seen the inhuman behavior of people in metros, in buses and in public places for example;
1- Young women and men sitting on seats reserved for senior citizens’ and physically handicapped people and their unwillingness to offer seat to the deserving person.
2- Sitting of a young man or a boy on seats reserved for ladies, and denying offer it, like a shameless creature.
3- Pushing each other without caring for an old man or lady to get a seat.
4- Spiting, smoking and drinking in public places.
5- Using walls, public places as open toilets.
6- Breaking the traffic rules is usual habit.
7- Beating of a cyclist, a rickshaw puller or an innocent person by the motorists is like they have no right to walk on the road.
8- Specially honking on red light. What is the use of it?
9- Misbehave with women in public place.
10- The main point, our political leaders’ behavior in parliament. If our leaders will behave in this way, how they are expecting from their citizens to behave properly. So they need to behave well first.
At last I would like to say these are the common example of our behavior in public places. Now think it, is this our image to be an Indian? No, this is not our image, we Indian are famous from the ancient times for our best culture and behavior & our slogan is "Atithi devo bhava"(guest is God) as we are hosting the common wealth game 2010 & the whole world is going to watch us. So please behave well Delhi for the sake of Bharat Mata.


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