March 06, 2010


You see our the false promise of political parties since our Independent during every election that “we will reduce the inflation” but in spit of reducing, its increasing day by day & killing the common man like a big giant but still no solution to the “Inflation”, its looking like a unsolved puzzle & no relief for the common . I think common people have to die in miserable condition due to inflation, if govt not changed his policy. According PM Manmohan Singh “Inflation is the result of global crises & production of food materials” this is totally ridicules because we people never seen the inflation under control, its always increasing, earlier in slow rate & now in fast rate than who can be PM’s stamen is justified or it’s a passing buck of Indian govt to the inflation. I think you all remembered the song of a movie staring Jeetendra that"Baki job ach that mahangai mar gae” this move is about 20 year back when I am reading in school, that time also people are crying about inflation & still after 20 year story is the same, we are crying for inflation means situation is still their where is the development, only developing the infrastructure of the nation is not the development , but the real development is the development of common men life style which still miserable the rich are going richer & poor are going poorer, is this the development? It’s a great jock on the name of development. I think inflation is result poor govt policy because inflation came due to the poor condition of Indian farmers, where farmers are mainly dependent on rain season for cultivation, due to the scarcity of water , just think seriously a country, whose population is more than 100 million their farmers are farming only three month rest of the whole year only sitting & eating, doing nothing, still farmers are using the bullock for plowing the land & using cattle dung as manner there is no irrigation system, if don’t believe go to the Bihar, Orissa & UP or any rural area you will find out the reality the in a year farming lend remains barren due to scarcity of water. I think if we will use this barren land for farming after the rainy season with proper irrigation system using good fertilizers, seeds & tractors for farming than our food production will be increase 10 times compare to the current production & inflation will be automatically come down but in spite of helping farmers in this way & govt increased the urea rate to make the farmers condition waste than earlier, I don’t what they are doing & what is their policy,God knows better.
At last I would like to say that inflation is the result of poor policies of Indian govt & the miserable condition of farmers & nothing else as the farmer are the back bone every nation, when they will leave miserable life, who can be the development is possible so till we will not workout on the farmers condition development is impossible what talk about inflation, this will remain as unsolved puzzle. So please for the shake of nation think about the farmers & encourage them in farming to provide them better facilities that‘s why Shastri ji told “Jai Kishan jai jawan".


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