March 03, 2010


Gone are the days when saints are believing in simplicity like wearing "Garuwa Bastra", eating simple food & living in a small hut in a lonely place & helping the poor & needy people but now a days format is totally changed, the modern saints like to eat different type of foods, air condition room, air condition car with a well occupied ashram more than 2 to 3 hector of area & many more but they didn't left the "Garuwa Bastra", their appearance is like a "yogi" but acts like a "vogi", you see the controversial baba like Swami Bhimanand Baba & Swami Nitayanand Baba, their reality came across the public through media that they are involved in sex racket. I think such baba should be hanged for their devil act which will give a lesson to the other baba that If some one play with religion & belief, what will be his result. There is a old saying about such baba " Dil na rangaya, rangaya jogi kapada, dadhi badha ke ban gaya ban bakda" means the modern baba's dress is like a saint but their heart is still like a devil, you see now a days baba are taking a lots of money from their followers as donation & living luxurious life in their big ashram, now its a trend to follow in society to become famous & run their business behind it. As I practically seen one of the famous saint of modern age, who gives religious speeches in TV channels like Sanshakar, Sadhna etc apart from this he is running so many educational organization under this banner. Now a days,the modern baba are started a business of "yoga" & saying that "yog sa sab kuch hoga" & behind their yoga class running another business of "Aurvadic treatment" with promising that " a solution to every disease", no of innocent people are giving lakhs of rupees for their treatment in their ashram because a dying does every thing to protect him. If an one raise his voice against it than they are instructing their followers to protest on the road, I think you all have seen such dramas in news channels or through your own eyes.
At last I would like to say, regarding a wise man or a true saint that "jo ahhle ishk hote he wo pehchane nahe jate, jo nigaho se pita hai wa maikhane nahe jate" means its difficult to find out or identify a wise man or saint, he will never come to you for addressing a huge crowd or to deliver his speech in TV channels but you have to go their. So we should understand the reality & don't become a fool behind them.


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