March 06, 2010


Now days the acts of modern Baba’s are the headline of every news channels & news papers, at first Swami Bhimanand caught in sex racket than Swami Satyanand also caught in sex scandal with a Tamil actress & now its aturn for Swami Kripalji Maharaj whi is the accuse of a mass killing,in Partapgarh District of Utter Pradesh 63 people including 26 children and 37 women have been killed and more than 400 injured in one of the worst stampedes. It happened in a religious function organized by the godman, in a temple to organize ‘Shraad’ ceremony of his wife. This is not the first time when the innocent people lost their life in stamped but our govt never taken any strong action against those culprits who is responsible for the mass killing, without any security the modern baba are organizing a religious function only the volunteers are their to take care of the security with their lathi, which looking a like big jock a country where criminals & terrorists are moving with AK-47 & AK-57 their taking such big risk is equivalent to terrorism , because God man responsible for this mass killing & they should take the responsibility, on the other hand our govt is allowing such religious function without any security help is also terrorism, I don’t what Indian govt is doing ? What is their development? Where common people have to scarify their precious life to fulfill their basic needs like food & clothes, according TOI, near about 1500 hundred people gathered with in minute for taking the distributed clothes & food when situation turned out of control due to huge crowd the volunteers lathi charged on the innocent people & no of innocent people lost their life, you see every one is silent now because the poor people lost their life not the rich people while the bomb blast in German bakery only 17 people lost their life that time most of the political leaders including PM Manamohan Singh given statement openly, in media “I will punish the culprit” & organized “shok shabha” & no of common people came with poster written “stop terrorism & we want justice “ with lighting candles in their memory who lost their life in bomb blast but this time when 63 people lost their life because carelessness of Indian govt & Swami Kripaluji maharaj, why every one is silent? It means poor people life is meaning less not useless for our country that’s why every one is silent.
At last I would like to say India is really great, where govt is following the rules of Gandhi ji “Bura mat deko. Bura mat suno & bura mat kaho”. I think this mass killing, main accuse is our govt, who allowing such religious functions without any security, which use to take place in lonely place, did they ever try to realize, how easy it is to plant a bomb due to lack of security & what will be the result of it, I know you people never thought that because you people are safe with Z-PLUS security why you will care about the common man, whose life is useless for you, you remember them during the election only as a vote bank. I am requesting all of you; please stop playing with the life of common man & treat them as human being.


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