March 29, 2010


Its famous saying about politicians that “politicians can promise to make a bridge where there is no river” because they only know how o speak, they don’t know how to do. Just see the election manifestos of political parties, its almost unchanged since our independence, during the time of Gandhi & Nehru, they promised to solve the problems like inflation, illiteracy, poverty, electricity, water, education, unemployment & bring development & after the 64 year of independence still political parties are promising the same thing to the common men during election & failing in every occasion. The election manifestos of every political party are unchanged, why? The problems like inflation, electricity & poverty are that much critical that can’t be solved or the political parties don’t want to solve them or don’t want to change their election manifestos? God knows better! I think politicians don’t want to solve these problems for their bright future because once these problems will get solved than what will be their election manifestos & what they will promise to the common men in return of their votes & how can they fool them.
At last I would like to say that these problems will never get solve till common men will not understand the dirty politics & elect the right candidate to rule our nation.


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