March 18, 2010


To see the “currency garland” of UP Chief Mayawati Baba Ramdev reacted in the media that ‘after cleaning the body and mind, he wanted to clean politics, he also planning to launch his own party in last three year, he told his party manifestos that (1) Removing illiteracy & poverty, (2) Bringing back 300 lakh corer of black money stashed in overseas, (3) Removing gaps between upper class & lower class, according to TOI, I think this manifesto is equivalent to BJP’s last year election manifestos, being an Indian I really appreciate Baba’s thought, but My question is that before this garland issue what he was doing? As you told politics is corrupt what about the Hindu religion, do you ever though that how corrupted the religion sector is, and just see the god man like Swami Bhimanand & Swami Nitayanand & their devil work, I think you need to remove corruption from the religious sector rather than politics. If you are that much honest & liberal than why are you charging so mush money in you yoga training camp, for your kind information the charge of a single ticket is 2500/- to 3000/- which only a rich can afford, poor can’t, being a yogi you are not thinking about the poor people than how can you expect the political leader will think about them. In fact when you will organize free yoga training camp for the poor than only we will realize you are the well-wisher of poor people other wise its nothing more than a dialog which every political party says during every election.
At last I would like to ask Baba Ramdev that “What exactly attracted you in politics, to removing corruption or the “currency garland” of Mayawati? God knows better!


  1. well said... in my view, everyone attract toward the politics for name and fame only...