March 15, 2010


A doctor is regarded as God because he saves the life of a patient, but now a day these Gods are started to play with the patients’ life for the greed of money. "The Medical Council of India(MIC) has prescribed an antibiotic against such errant doctors, if doctors accepting gifts from the Pharmaceutical companies will face punishment a fine to at least one year of license suspension" According to TOI. I think its great move by MIC for the welfare of patients but how far it will go to tech the errant doctors & to make them honest towards their duty, it can’t be said because most of the doctors having good contact with the pharmaceutical companies & they are getting commission on their prescribed medicines that’s why they are prescribing only those medicines which available in the nearest medical store or their contacted companies. Now MCI has to think how such doctors will be identified because 99% doctors are involved in this business, If we are able to find out such errant doctors than no doubt we can able save some patients life as well as their money. You see recently through vaccine 2 child died & 17 suffering from serous illness.
At last I would like to say that Govt should take strict action against such errant doctors to save the life of common men as well as to make corruption free medical sector.


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