March 18, 2010


Baba Ramdev told “No doubt PM Manmohan Singh is a good economist & understands perfectly the growth rate bue he didn’t understand the economics of “Dal-Roti” & common men eats bread not growth rate”, according to TOI, these are not only the words of Baba but the voice of 100 million Indian’s heart which is buried from a long time & helpless common men unable share their feelings with media because in India common men have no right to speak they are know as a vote bank & nothing else. You see the statement of PM Manmohan Singh that “our motto is development” & "I can go beyond distance for Indo- PAK peace project", he never told that "we will control inflation & poverty", A country where 50% people suffering to fulfill their basic needs due to rocket high inflation & 10% people leaving on Bagging & 10% people's permanent slather is footpath, their talking about "development' how far justified. You see our govt has restricted those beggars to get in to the game venue, during 2010 common wealth game to show our growth in front of the world, only improving the infrastructures of towns & capital or making rich people richer through their cruel policy & taking Indian sensex to the 20k mark is not the growth but growth is the another name of developed lifestyle of common men, while development is far away from our life & looking like a unfulfilled dream.
At last I would like to say that till our govt will not change their dirty policy, we can’t develop so please think about the common men rather than growth.


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