March 08, 2010


"Jai Jawan, Jai kishan"This is the famous slogan of great leader Lal Bahadur Shasti, do you know why he started this slogan? This because farmers & shoulders are the back of the country. As we are dependent on the shoulders for security while for food, we are dependent on the farmers, so their development is the development of nation & their backwardness effects our development, but now a days our political parties changed this slogan as "development or progress" so result came as a great problem "inflation" which is looking like unsolved puzzle & as the day progresses, its increasing like wild fire & day is not far when it will turn in to a killer giant & swallow us completely. Do you know who is responsible for that this is because for our govt's poor policy that is none other than "development", as the mater of fact the development totally dependent on the farmers condition, while Indian farmers are living in miserable condition, still they are using using old techniques of farming like using bullocks for plowing & cattle dung as manner & their farming is totally dependent on the rainy season due to poor irrigation system, their using the farming lend in the rainy season only rest of the whole year it stays barren or use less, now think a country whose population is more than 100 million, their farmers only working for three month & rest of the year they are only sitting ducks, can they really develop? or can they fight with the inflation? I think never.
At last I would like to say that till govt will not change their policy "development" & not work out to improve the condition of farmers, we can't develop, only rich people can develop & survive but common man can't, so please think about the farmers for the shake of the development & Indians & change the slogan as "Jai Jawan , Jia Kisha" in place of development.


  1. Lets our poor people to be educated and be aware of their right... Things become fine.

  2. one who takes only one time meal or remains without any food whole day, what he will think about education, human first priority is their basic need than education.