March 13, 2010


“Politics is the dirty game” & one who gets dirt never remains clean & 2nd thing “ power comes to corrupt” & third thing “ uneasy lies beneath the throne” & 4th thing “women mind & winter wind often change”& last thing “ every change brings some good news as well as bad news”, please think over above written sayings, which compelling us to ask a question “women change the politics or politics change them?” As men society never corrupted like this but the influence of dirty politics in the present era made them corrupted & an honest man in politics is difficult to find out & those are honest want to keep distance from politics & saying that “ there is no place for honesty in politics”. You see the women society always known for honesty, scarifies, service & peace but after 33% reservation for women in parliament creating fear that can they get corrupt after getting right & power? Let’s see, what hidden in future, hope for the best.
At last I would like to say that women can clean the Indian politics rather than get dirtier in it & give us a corruption free govt, society & nation. I am 100% sure that women will clean the dirty politics into clean politics & bring development for our nation.


  1. I agreed with you at this point... Example I can see My mom... I can't a better human being than her in my life... So, might I feel atleast woman world think from Heart. So, it is always better have people of that category.