March 13, 2010


“We apologize to the nation, we have let every body down, we don’t feel like continuing any more in the national team” one of the Pakistani player given his statement after loosing to Canada & finished last in the hockey world cup, this was the four time champion worst performance in the world cup, going through the continuous flop shows in the world hockey Pakistan team decided to retire while some of them are teenagers, I really appreciate & love the spirit of Hockey Pakistan as they decided to retire because when you unable to serve your nation & make proud to your country than you have no right to destroy it, so it’s a great move by Pakistan hockey team on the other hand Hockey India also maintained their brother wood with Pakistan finished so close to them & got 8th position. Indian Hockey Team is showing his flop show from last 20 year while in past Indian is the only team who won eight gold medals in Olympics, I think Indian hockey also need to retire like Pakistan hockey team because they have no right to play for their nation to see their continuous flop shows in world hockey in last 20 years, when you unable improve your self in last 20 year than how can we expect improvement now, s the mater of fact I never heard winning Indian hockey any where in my life, so if you can’t bring proud for nation than you have no right to destroy it. When its mater of money you people protested on the road & boycotted the practice season of hockey world cup, now you got your money but performed as poor as you can, what to do with you? "Tit for Tat”, life time ban to the hockey team for poor performance, you are lucky that you are in India not in Pakistan on the other hand you are comparing hockey with cricket for money , just see Indian Cricket team is the No1 team in world cricket but hockey India is the 2nd last in world hockey . Now realize how far away hockey is, from cricket & at list beg apology for your poor performance like Pakistan team, we will forget every thing, but you can't.
At last I would like to say that Indian hockey team also needs to be retire like Pakistan or pay penalty for their poor performance in the world cup, this is the only way to teach them lesson. You know only to fight for money not for nation, what is the use of Hockey India? Great job & say “Chak De India"


  1. This is a sports. We should take like a war. I know when you follow your team and if they don't perform properly than I hurt. But still we have to support them so they can raise to level where we wanted to see them. We make a environment for them, so good talents follow this our national game.

  2. if they unable to improve themselves in last 20 year than how can we expect they improve after that.