March 16, 2010


The controversial Chief Minister of India Mayawati added another controversy in his ministry on the eve of 25 the year of BSP & 76TH birth anniversary of founder of Kashi Ram when his supporters presented her a garland strung together 1000 rupee notes and is estimated to have cost anywhere between $400,000 and $2m. In reaction over that" currency garland" issue Cong legislative party leader Pramod Tewari described it an ugly display of money power while BJP spokes person Hriday Narain Dixit said that it was “loot ka paisa” according to BBC News & TOI. BSP is already a culprit for spending 300 corer of public money in maharally & behind Ambedkar Park & birth day celebration but when it’s a turn for helping the victims of Partapgarh District of Utter Pradesh, stampede where 63 people including 26 children and 37 women have been killed and more than 400 injured, BSP chief told” I have no fund for the victims”, if they have no fund than how can they managing such expensive big rallies, birth day celebration, statues & currency garland. A state govt openly misusing the public fund but why our govt is still silent? God knows better.
At last I would like to say that it’s impossible to understand the “Maya of maya” , to she her statue love its looking like that day is not far when UP people will be replaced by the statues as govt is already given green signal to the 33% women reservation bill, if more such women leader will appear in Indian politics than no doubt India will be get in to “Stone Age”.


  1. People shouldn't elect such political leaders to keep all indian politics clean.