March 14, 2010


LinYutan told that “Show me man of violence that came to a good end & I take him for my teacher”, In fact its a reality that a man of violence never have a good end, world history is the greatest example in front us, just see the end of Ravana, Kansha & Duryadhna, Hitler, Saddam Hussain, Birappan or Pravakaran & soon you will see the end of Osama Bin Laden,but I don’t know why people believes in violence rather than peace, you see from the ancient time we are trying to establish peace but known of king, emperor or leader able to find peace in this world, what is the reason behind it? Why peace is far way from us? As the mater fact we are talking about peace always but our nature is violence than how can be peace is possible, every time we wanted peace through violence & peace can’t be possible with violence because violence always bring violence, hatred or another reason for war that’s why after a long time battle against violence people failed to find peace. You see when ever violence spread in this world, every time God has came to protect humanity & establish peace & righteousness like Lord Rama. Lord Krishna, Jesus Christ & Prophet Mohammad in their respective era, I think our nature is violence that’s why peace is impossible to establish in this world, we people fought uncountable wars & still fighting on the name peace or religion & killing each other mercilessly for the greed money or the proud of power . Now a days every nation talking about peace but cold war is still on between every nation that’s why every nation trying strengthen their defense power compare to other nation, Indo-Pak & Indo-China are the great example, they are always talking about peace but unable establish peace in their own country what to talk about with other nation, it shows no one like peace. According to US President Brack Obama that “Some times war is necessary”, indeed some time war is necessary but that time when all doors to peace closed but peace never possible through violence, you see the results every war, its brought only destruction of humanity & nothing else. This is all about nation now come to the common people how they are involved in violence, either its Education sector, Religious sector, sports, Parliament or road, you will easily find out the violent nature of human being every where, even for a coin we people are fighting with each other , so said to us.
At last I would like to say that I would like to say that peace is impossible to establish in this world, I think God has to come once again in this world to establish “peace & righteousness” & no one can do it.


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