March 18, 2010


“New Delhi: Did you think a peg or two would do wonders for your heart? Unfortunately, not if you’re Indian. The largest-ever study to investigate the link between alcohol consumption and heart disease among Indians has made an interesting revelation — even small amounts of alcohol consumption harms Indians”, according to TOI & you know the harmful effects Alcohol it can give you varies diseases like brain damage, slurred vision & slurred speech, bleeding throat, heart disease, stomach ulcers, liver failure, intestine cancer or ulcer, osteoporosis etc. but now days drinking is a fashion among the youngsters, but to this news is warning bell for the youngsters who drinks only for fashion or showing his royalty or to accompany his friends. You know every month Delhi people drink 20,000000of bottle alcohol, how badly effected Delhi by this killer diseases, on the other hand in Delhi its very much common drinking & driving especially among the youngsters, according to CADD{campaign against drunken driving} 65% road accidents results due to drunken driving ,every year they killing 1500 people. Total no of drunken drivers charged in Delhi 30,000, this figure shows the poor future of India where a person risking his own life as well as others only for the world “style” can they develop? This culture is not our culture, this is totally against of our culture, to see the foreign culture we people started to follow it but we stupid people forgotten the country like US, UK & USSR are not drinking for fashion, they bound to drink because of the cold climatic condition while India is a hot country & drinking hear is nothing but putting your life on risk.
At last I would like to say all of you who drinks for fashion & style, please say no to Alcohol, for the sake you’re your heart & life because a healthy heart makes a healthy body & a wealthy person as well as a beautiful life


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