March 10, 2010


“Sure God has made men before women but than you always make rough draft of the final master piece”, these are words of a stranger, which turned into reality to see, the corruption & violence of men community & on the other hand the honesty & peace & selfless service of women community. You see the world history every where you will find out man behind corruption & violence while female is known for peace, honesty & selfless service. According to Nicole Hullender “do you imagine the world without men? No crime & so many fats women”, no doubt the male community is the creator of crime & corruption. Just go through the famous “Ghotala”(scams) like Chara Gotala, Harasad Mehta Gotala, Urea Gotala, Telgi Stump paper Ghotala, Satyam Ghotla and many more, you see behind every scam their is men, it’s a famous saying on women that “there is woman behind every successful man” while above figure justifies this saying on man that “Behind every Gotala there is man”, who looted our nation while women never came like this because she is the another name of scarifies & service or you can say the name of goddess, Mother Teresa is the great example in front of us.
At last I would like to say that govt should encourage women society, in sector of society for their development, because “the power of women is the power of nation” & they can only make a corruption free & crime free society & nation.


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