March 01, 2010


"Ahimsha he param dharma" means Non-violence is the greatest religion & every religion having the same motto that is "Non-violence & righteousness". Religion is far away from the violence & one who follows violence, they are never be a part of any religion, I think, they are inhuman but violence in the name of religion is common every where. You see the act of Taliban against the Sikhs in Pakistan, as they forced the small community of Sikh people to convert in to Islam-ism, when they denied to accept it,they beheaded him & they are naming their cruel act as "Jihad" while prophet Mohammad said that"Apne nafsh se jihad karo" means a war against our evil desires, its a holy war not a bloody war which Taliban is doing & one who is against our prophet he is not a Musalman, I think, Taliban is the group of extremist, who playing the game of blood in the name of religion while Islam never permits violence, this is all about Pakistan, now come to the France, where "Burkha"(a fully covered dress of Muslim women) banned by France govt for the security reason & for the wale-fare of the women society but all over the world Muslim community protested against it, I think this violence is made by the extremist only who don't know the meaning of Islam & that's why they are thinking that banning brukha is against of Islam. Now its a turn for India, how political parties are using religion in their politics, I think you know about the famous controversial issue " Ram Janma Bhumi & Babri Masjid issue" which is still unsolved puzzle since 1992, 6th Dec, behind this issue no of innocent car sevaks scarified their life thinking that its a holy work. Do you really think Babri Masjid demolition & making Ram temple is a holy work? Just think about it,you people ever come to know that a political leader scarified his life behind it, no never, you people are doing this because of your foolishness. Do you know the meaning of "Hindu"? Hindu is derived from "Hin Doo" means a person who is away from devil act.
At last I would like to say that either its Hinduism, Islam-ism or Christianity, from every religion we people are children of Adam & Eve & the world is the single family than who we are different from each other & how violence is justified in between us. Those people are doing violence on the name of religion, they are equivalent to an animal & should be beheaded like animals, I think the real "Jihad" is nothing else but finishing such extremist from the world.


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