March 29, 2010


To see the growth in corruption & crime in every sector of the society either its social, political, Govt, private, spots or religious memorizing the great social reformers like Gandhi Jee, Mother Teresa, Rajram Mohan Rai, Sarojini Naido, Lord William Bantic & Binoba Bhave, who played a major role to reform the society & given equal right of living to every one, if we are alive & living happily, this is because of them but after their era our society became more corrupted, do you know why? Because after them no social reformer born in India in spit of social polluters. Now a days social service is turned a profession for earning money, you see the work of politicians, religious preachers & NGOs, their main motto is social service but now they are working for money only & nothing else, the corrupt politicians, corrupt religious preachers & blacklisted NGOs are the great example
At last I would like to say that our society needs some selfless social reformers to clean the dirt of society which is hidden the mind of the common men due to the influence of dirty politics & Bollywood. O God please send some good people in this nation to reform the society & it will be best, if you will come to reform us because situation of the society gone so worst that a human being can’t do it in spite of you so please come again as you came in every era to protect the humanity & stabiles righteousness & peace.


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