March 29, 2010


IPL(Indian premier league) turned into IIL(Indian Injury League) in his third season, just see the injury of famous players like Dhoni, Gambhir, Zaheer & Sehwag, last year Zaheer & Sehwag got injured during IPL & returned after a long time in international cricket & this year Gambhir & Dhoni. Do you know what the reason behind these injuries? This is not because of too much cricket in world cricket but this is the sweet reward of extra efforts & money love. You see before IPL the players like Dravid, Zaheer, Dhoni,Harbhajan & Gambhir are in injured player list but during IPL suddenly these players got fit & started to play in IPL as the mater of fact they didn’t recovered completely from their injury, the money & glamor of IPL forced the players to such great risk during their injury. I think this is the main reason for injury & another reason the extra efforts they are giving IPL matches which our players never shown in international cricket, if I am fooling you, than watch any of the IPL match you will find out every player trying to give their best either its batting, bowling or fielding, especially I would like to high light the ground fielding during IPL the insensible dives & jumps to save a boundary & single putting them in danger & it’s the another reason for injury, just remember the last IPL, how Shewag & Zaheer got injured during ground fielding & taken a long break from international cricket, to see such injury during IPL rising the fear of dark future of Indian cricket.
At last I would like to say that BCCI should not allow unfit players in IPL for the bright future of Indian cricket & players too. Every player most go through fitness test before IPL other wise day is not far when IPL will torn into Indian injury league for the Indian cricketers.


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