March 31, 2010


According to Maurice Strong "What pleases me most is that sustainable development is on almost everybody's agenda now" but our development is unsustainable development where 50% people are struggling to fulfill their basic needs due to rocket high "inflation" on the other hand our govt is spending 75% of our economy behind defense every year, Is this development? The word ‘Development’ means the development of every citizens and their living standard, not the development of infrastructure like roads, bridges, flyovers, buildings, parks and improve in source of communication etc. What about the slums in India and the poor people on the road without food, clothes and slather. The largest slum area of world “Dharavi” is in India & 10% of our population living on begging, to solve this problem during "Common Wealth Game 2010", our govt decided to restrict beggars from the game venues, this is our development and there, promise of development is nothing but poor people’s day dream which, I Know, won’t be fulfilled, ever.
I think you all have seen the famous movie “Slum Dog Millionaire”, the story of a slum boy of India in reality. Only polishing the capital of every state and giving opportunity to the rich people is not a development. A country where slum dwellers/common man cannot dare to be doctor, engineer and an MBA because of the unaffordable college fees which rich people can only afford it, can’t boast to be developing.
Just see the education difference in a govt. and private school. A country like India where there is a huge gap between two classes of people, upper class have a lot of money that they are keeping their dogs live in air conditioned rooms and in the lower class unable to afford their basic need like food, clothes and slather, forget about their education.
The Govt. is giving salary hike to employees and on the other hand is hiking the fair and the food product of daily use without thinking of the common man or a daily wager. In such a situation, govt. claim of development is hogwash, as the question still looms how a daily wager/commoner will survive in this scenario? And to add more to their woe a chief minister’s statement goes like this “Aam admi apna jeb dhili kare vikas ke liye” (the common man has to cut their pocket for the development), depicts the poor mentality of govt. for development.
At last I would like to say This development is only for the rich people not for the poor people, the real development is the development of every citizens and providing them equal opportunity of living in a developed society.


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